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Remittance Card

Remittance Application not required for each case. By using remittance card, application process becomes easy which requires only depositing money at Japan Post Bank ATM or at the counter and becomes convenient remittance method .

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Send money to your designated beneficiary just by depositing to Japan Post Bank using our Remittance card.

About Yuucho Remit Card .....

It is a payment-only card that can easily send money to pre-registered beneficiary by simply depositing money into the card.

By using Yuucho Remit card, remittance process is simple and convenient,

Remittance application is not required for each case.

How is it useful?
Only when issuing card, input of remittance destination information, purpose of remittance, etc in the application form required. It is a convenient service to automatically remit money to overseas remittance destination you pre-registered simply by paying using a card. Periodical Remittance to a specific recipient is more convenient and simple.

If you make a deposit by 3PM JST on any business day, your money will be sent overseas the same day.

Even if you do not have a bank account in Japan you can easily remit it with ATM.

For each Card, registration of one designated beneficiary required. (One remittance card is limited to one person)

You can deposit money either at Japan Post Bank ATM or at the counter.

You can only deposit Japanese Yen. A minimum amount of ¥5,000 (including service fees) applies.

How to apply? How can I use it?
Please input the remittance destination information to be registered on the remittance card. Within 3 business days, card will be sent to the address printed on your ID
1Apply Yuucho Remit Card issuance
Register the recipient information, reason for remittance, etc. in the member registration form or in My Account (Yuucho Remit card issuance) and apply for card issuance.
2RupeeSend will send the Remit card by post.
When the Card arrives, please confirm that the card number, delivery method and the beneficiary's name printed on the letter are correct.
3Transfer using Yuucho Remit Card.
Please transfer the total settlement amount (the remittance amount + remittance fee + ATM charge) either at Japan Post Bank ATM or at the counter.
Find the nearest ATM locations(JP Bank website)
How to deposit at an ATM (PDF)
About registering and changing remittance destination information
Please refer to the following Q&A's to know more about Yucho Remit Card

How long does it take to get the Yuucho Remit card?

Generally, we will mail out your Card in two business days, so you will get your Card within 3~5 days from the date of application.

How can I check the pre-registered information of my Yuucho remit Card?

You can check it from My Account (Yuucho Remit card issuance)

Can I change my pre-registered beneficiary?

Yes indeed. Please contact us at RupeeSend Customer Center for such update.

Can a guest user also apply for a Yuucho Remit Card?

No, Yuucho Remit Card is offered to our members only.

What do I need to do after I make a deposit to the Card?

Just sit back and relax! In some occasions, we may contact you to confirm your application.
We will also send you an email to inform you of the order details when we receive your deposit, and another email when we complete your order.Please check your email.

Service Details (Yuucho Remit Card)

Using Yuucho Remit card is simple and convinient way of remitting money to the pre-registered beneficiary simply depositing money at Japan Post Bank ATM or at the counter. Please note that the sending amount will be calculated by deducting ATM charges, bank charges, and service fees from the amount you have deposited.

Basic Requirments

The use of Yuucho Remit Card is limited to those who meet the following conditions, and agrees to our terms and conditions specified by the Company.

1. Customer who has registered as a RupeeSend member by completing our ID verification process
2. Customer who has applied for a Yuucho Remit Card by registering his/her beneficiary's information.

Purpose of Remittance

Purpose of remittance is limited to living expenses, savings and others specified by our company.

Maximum Remittance Amount

Remittance amount for one remittance is limited to ¥300,000. Annual remittance amount is limited to ¥3,600,000. ※If the annual remittance amount exceeds ¥3,600,000, we will contact you to ask your proof of income and the purpose of remittance.

Minimum Remittance Amount

¥3,000 for one remittance.

Recipient country and currency

Recipient country:Nepal Currency:Nepalese Rupee(NPR)

Remittance fee

Please check the remittance fee table.

Business hours


Remittance completion

One Business Day.
※In case of 'Account Deposit', due to system delay it may take up to 3 business days to be credited into your beneficiary's bank account.

Receiving time limit:One day remittance.

Money deposited until 3PM JST(closing hour of Japanese banks) will be processed within the same business day.

Cancel and Refund

1. Remittance request that hasn't been collected by the beneficiary can only be cancelled.
2. If the beneficiary does not pick up his/her money for more than 30 days, remittance request will be cancelled without any prior notice.
3. Remittance request may be cancelled without any prior notice, if we find or suspect there is a breach of pre-agreed terms and conditions.
4. In general, we will refund remittance amount only. We do not refund other fees or expenses.

※Bank transfer fee accompanied by a refund should borne by the customer.
※Refund amount will be the result of deducting all fees and expenses from the send amount. It may take about 4 business days to complete a refund.

Change Beneficiary information

Please note that you can not change your beneficiary right after you deposit money.

※In such case, please cancel the remittance request first and the apply for new remittance request.
Please contact at RupeeSend Customer Service Center to enable you to change your beneficiary's information.

Important Notice

RupeeSend may terminate the contract or suspend service under the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Other information

• The deposited amount will be sent to your pre-registered beneficiary after deducting ATM / bank charges, and service fees. We will inform you of the service fees, FX rate, currency, receivable amount, and the reference number via email.

•"Receiving Location" is the location of agency/branch offices such as Moneygram that is affiliated with our company which provides with the payment of remittance service.

• For details of the transaction, you can check it on My page of RupeeSend homepage.

A single deposit will be regarded as one Remittance request. Please note that if you make 2 deposits, 2 Remittance request will be carried out.

• Depositing through Japan Post Bank's ATM is limited to ¥100,000। Please visit a Japan Post Bank counter to deposit more than ¥100,000. In such case, you will be asked to show your identification document.