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Payment Delivery Methods

RupeeSend provides two delivery methods. Choose the delivery method in Send Money Application Form.

  • Bank Account Deposit
  • Cash Pickup

It is direct deposit service to the receipient's bank account. When remitting to the recipient's bank account, remittance amount will usually be donated to the recipient's bank account within 2 business days from the day after issuing the Reference Number at Nepalese Rupee.

List of available financial institutions

It is a service of receiving amount in cash at the bank counter or other counters of RupeeSend partner
Cash Pickup Counter Locations: 1029 Branch/agent offices. You can receive money at our branch offices throughout Nepal.
※At a time, the amount receivable at the counter is limited to NPR200000. If exceeds then please use Bank Account Deposit service.

List of available cash pickup locations