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What is RupeeSend's service? ?

Rupeesend, a registered money transfer agent approved by the Financial Services Agency, provides remittance service from Japan to Nepal.

Fast, Reliable, Convenient
Low-Cost and Excellent Exchange Rate.

Easy remittance from PC or smartphone anytime!
Easy remittance done using a remmittance card from local Japan Post office!
New Start in Nepal Remittance !

Our affiliated company in Nepal

Rupeesend has established a comprehensive service network covering all 14 zones of Nepal through affiliation with Sansar Remit pvt.Ltd, licensed by the Central Bank of Nepal. Currently, more than 1200 receiving bank locations available throughout Nepal.(*1)for receiving remittance amount. After completion of remittance, beneficiary can receive the remittance amount in 10 minutes.(*2) Along with cash pick up service we also have bank account deposit service.
*1:Please refer to our website or affiliated company's website regarding available receiving locations in Nepal.
*2:Depending on remittance method and opening hours of branch offices/agents in Nepal, handling conditions may take several hours to three business days

3 Points

  • Point 1. Reliable and Trusted
  • Point 2. Easy and Convenient
  • Point 3. Low Cost
Registered money transfer agent approved by the Financial Services Agency!
RupeeSend aims to establish a service system that complies with laws and regulations based on the law on fund settlement (fund settlement law). We offer safe and reliable remittance service from Japan.
※ C-Square Co.Ltd. FSA Registration no.Kanto Zaimukyokucho Dai-00018
Anytime and anywhere convenient Remittance !
Apply remittance request from PC or smartphone at any time, remittance can be completed in about 10 minutes !
While remitting from Japan Post Bank, no application required for each case. Remittance card issued for free!
Remittance with special services Low fee, Good rate and Stamp !
Remittance charge 480 yen ~ lowest in remittance market. Best exchange rate.
No remittance fee for filling the Stamp card !

Product Overview Description

Remittance currency

Nepali Rupees(NRP)

Remittance Charge

30,000 yen or less, 480 Yen

100,000 yen or less, 880 Yen

Above 100,000 yen to 1 million yen, 1,380 Yen

= Maximum Remittance amount

1 transaction 1 Million Yen/p>

※For guest user, up to 100,000 yen

※In case of cash pickup at counter, the maximum amount is 200,000 Nepalese Rupee

Minimum Remittance amount

1,000 Yen

Remittance country / region


Exchange rate

After agreement with use of terms, we will proceed the remittance process by applying the exchange rate posted on RupeeSend's WEB page.

※The Nepalese Rupee (NRP) rate per yen will be posted on our website.

※For exchange rate renewal, the exchange rate is basically updated twice, around 10:00 a.m. and 3 p.m business days. However, if there is fluctuation in the exchange rate, this does not apply.

Delivery Methods

① Depositing money to banks located throughout Nepal (Account Deposit)

② Cash pickup at affiliated bank counter, SansarRemit service counter (Cash payout)

Basic requirements

For customers who meet the following conditions, and agrees to our terms and conditions

(1) Customer who registers as a RupeeSend member by completing our ID verification process

(2) Customers who registers as a RupeeSend guest user by submitting a copy of his/her ID and agrees to the terms and conditions of our service (Remittance limited to 100,000 yen or less)

Contract term · Cancellation

A registered member is not limited to contract periods
But a guest (unregistered) user is limited to one time use only, and needs to contract every time they use the service

No cancellation fee/charge required during membership cancellation.
In case of remaining refundable amount, we will refund it based on customer's instructions.

Cancellation of remittance

Remittance amount that hasn't been collected by the beneficiary can be cancelled.
If the remittance status is "payment in process" or "payment confirmed", you can apply cancellation from the transaction history page of My Page.
For any other status, please contact RupeeSend Customer Center.

In case of canceling after the status of "payment confirmed" and "international remittance completed", RupeeSend remittance fee and charges will not be returned
as it is taken as the cost of remittance procedure. Only the send amount will be subject to refund.

Cancellation charge Here

Purpose of Remittance

The purpose of remittance available are as follows

① Remit to family - living expenses② Study-related expenses ③ Medical expenses ④ Contribution ⑤ Travelling Expenses ⑥ Service charge ⑦ Payment for goods ⑧ Investment

Remittance Duration(Order Processing time)

(1)Account deposit: From the time of issuance of reference number, in case of a bank with a branch in one of the following three cities in Nepal, it normally takes one business day. For banks with no branches in any of the following three cities, it normally takes 3 business days. ・(Kathmandu)
・ (Lalitpur)

(2)Cash pickup (10 minutes service): From the time of issuance of reference number, in case of using our branch office counters or affilliated bank counters, it takes 10 minutes.
※We will immediately notify you with the completion of remittance.

Payment Available Time

Business days till 15:00

Required documents

・Please submit a copy of the identity confirmation document at the time of membership registration

・Depending on remittance amount, number of times, purpose of remittance, etc., we may ask you to submit additional documents.

・When using a remittance card, registration of remittance destination information is required.

Other Information

In the case of Cash Payout at the counter, it is necessary to bring the "reference number" and the recipient's identification card, which will be notified by SMS or e-mail after remittance processing. The remitter should notify the recipient with "reference number"