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RupeeSend Service

リーズナブルな手数料Reasonable fee
Service Fee \480~\1380 It is a three-stage charge with a simple remittance amount.
You can do remittance with the industry's lowest level fee.

Remittance Amount

\1 ~ \30,000
\30,001 ~ \100,000
\100,001 ~ \1,000,000

Service Fee

業界屈指のベストレートBest Rate
RupeeSend provides the best exchange rate for customers by partnership with Nepal's megabank: NMB Bank.
Account Deposit
You can remit directly to the accounts of 36 major banks in Nepal. For one transaction, remittance amount is limited to 1 million yen. For remittance completion, shortest one hour to longest 2 business days from the processed day.
窓口現金受取Cash Payout
Remittance to those without a bank account is also possible Please inform the recipient of the reference number that has been notified by e-mail or SMS and then only recipient can receive in cash at the counter in Nepal. Remittance amount is limited upto 200000 yen for one transaction. Remittance is completed in 10 minutes.
SMS ・eメールで進捗状況通知Progress status notification by SMS · E-mail
We will inform you of every step progress by SMS or e-mail until money reaches the receiver
You can check the status of remittance at any time from the web page. Please feel free to contact our customer center.
為替レート電話案内Exchange rate telephone guide
Guide to exchange rate by automatic voice telephone. Simulation of the receipt through web page is also useful.
Rate for 080-3607-7744
ネットや送金カードで簡単送金Easy remittance through online or remittance card
Easy remittance anytime, anywhere from your computer, smartphone, tablet. You can remit money from Japan Post Bank ATM or window by using Yuucho Remit Card.
Rewards会員特典Rewards Membership Benefits
Initial remittance charge free! You can collect stamps from completion of remittance and friend introduction and enjoy the benefits of free remittance charge.
安心の金融庁認可の資金移動業者Secure financial institution - Registered fund transfer agent
RupeeSend is a service provided by a money transfer agent registered to the Ministry of Finance(Kanto Local Finance Bureau No.00018). The remittance consignment money is protected by the performance guarantee money system based on the fund settlement law. In addition to complying with relevant laws and regulations, we are working to improve convenience for customers and to carry out appropriate remittance operations.
金融庁   法務省